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Air Jordan Shoes Release in summer 2018

What is obvious you dude penal here and for today’s video we’re going to take a look at a few drops that you could expect to see in summer 2018 a couple things before we start summer 2018 is between April and June and a shuttle to the jake spooner my dude P Smurf along with mr. anonymous who i cannot name thank you ,i will link to them a description below before we start with that however let’s take a look at a couple more pairs still expected to drop this year we all know about the Gatorade fixes but it looks like we should add a few pairs of once to the gatorade collection unfortunately we don’t yet have picks but the first pair will come in an orange peel orange peel colorway so it’s an OG one in orange releaseing sometime in october,up next same thing an OG one dropping in october however this time the flavor i mean the color is rush violet rush violent alright,so purple Gatorae isn’t your thing then maybe Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon isi you see the theme going on your’re right there Air Jordan 1 high jeez colored after the Gatorade flavors and there’s still one more the cyber Gatorade ,i will be honest no idea what color cyber supposed to be but it’s a one it’s a high expected and if you didn’t notice the collection gets a price bump from the regular $150 to $175 each.Jordan brand special packaging with a Gatorade bottle included please on December 2018 use and everyone keep in mind we’re still in August 2017,things could change just can move that i am going to share with you ,now it is hot off the press and as of last night and since i said things can more,let’s start with the Katrina three the bad news is these are not dropping this year like originally planned.I can’t say why the date moves out but it did ,the good news is ther’re still dropping.They will release with Nike air on the here and the really good news is that the price should $200 not $220,the day for these is still CBD but they will be a summer drop if memory serves me ,in the last time the air jordan 10 release was back in 2013,so it seems a little soon to retro these so quickly but we are getting them summer 2018.Now this is just my theory and i could be wrong but if they’re wrecking them soon ,my guess is that they’re going to come with OG so cap well see if my theory holds up or not if that’s the seal for now we’ve got a couple items about the air jordan 14 and first off we have the jordan 14 candy cane originally released back in 1999,but it was making a come back next summer ,it’s expected that the pair will come constructed in a Cochi mix of white and smooth leather with red and black accenting throughout the date is tentatively set for Labor Day with a retail price of $190 .One of MJ’S most iconic shoes is the pair that he wore during Game six of the NBA Finals 1998 with 5.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter MJ hits a 17-footer to give the Bulls 87-86 lead and his sisth NBA championship to celetrate that moment from 20 years ago ,jordan brand is going to be dropping the air jordan 14 sometime in June during the NBA Finals.Another expect the alternate Doernbecher 7 which is up on screen what i am assuming here is that the colorrway my be similar to what we’re looking at,but i don’t belive and this is just my guess ,that we will see any doernbecher branding more to come on these stay tuned next up and really don’t pay too much attention the this ,we have the air jordan 11 low cool grey that may end up looking like these pictures,and they were described as a cool grey.and set to relase in April 2018 for $175.

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